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11.19.19 Jennifer Bay Williams 6-12 Math Training Part 2 - Homer is a Course

11.19.19 Jennifer Bay Williams 6-12 Math Training Part 2 - Homer

Started Aug 19, 2019


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Math Practices with Jennifer Bay-Williams

Part 2: How Do We Get Students to Think Strategically in Math Grades 6-12

Homer Middle School PD Room

8:30 - 400

Mileage will be reimbursed off of the sign-in sheets and lunch will be provided.  Hotel accommodations will be provided if you are traveling more than 50 miles one way from your normal work location or if you are coming from an across the water school.  Breakfast and beverages will not be provided.  

We all want students who look at a problem like 3(y – 5) – 2(y – 5) = 0, and notice something about the numbers in the problem, to not just blindly apply a common algorithm or set of steps (e.g., ‘eliminate parenthesis first’). For all students to strategic thinkers, it must be a priority in our mathematics classrooms! This means attending to all four components of procedural fluency, in particular strategy selection and flexibility. Together we will increase our understanding of what this means and explore classroom activities, routines, questioning strategies, and tools that support students in becoming flexible thinkers, and thereby stronger mathematicians.

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