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ASDN SEL: Strengthening Hearts and Minds in the Classroom is a Course

ASDN SEL: Strengthening Hearts and Minds in the Classroom

Started Jan 8, 2021
3.0 credits


Full course description

Social emotional learning has been called the “missing piece” of education, and this encouraging, relevant course will allow you to complete the puzzle. Filled with resources and applicable activities, the course takes the learner on a journey from the basics of social emotional learning to teaching strategies for each competency.  Applications are designed for exploration and reflection to allow participants to develop future plans to implement social emotional learning and increase these necessary skills in their learners.

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Reflect on assumptions and insights of practitioners, researchers and self, specific to social emotional learning (SEL) in professional practice.
  • Explain the definition, competencies and benefits of social emotional learning.
  • Research and develop social emotional learning approaches, strategies, lessons and activities for implementation.
  • Create tools to communicate information to students and families related to social emotional learning.
  • Describe connections between social emotional learning and curriculum, standards, technology, diversity and college and career readiness.

Course Book:  This course does not have a course book.  All readings are within the online environment.

Course Syllabus (Links to an external site.)

Grade Level: K-12

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