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SESA Functional Communication (Homer) for SpEd Paraprofessionals

Ended Oct 27, 2017

Full course description

The functional communication training is set up to help staff work communication into all aspects of the day- in a more natural way.  Participants will learn how to use modeling and Aided Language Stimulation (basically, either using the device or the pictures the child uses) in order to model the language that we want the student to use.  Participants will learn the difference between core vocabulary words and fringe vocabulary words and when to use them. Participants will learn about having core words and core word boards available for a variety of activities and when to introduce fringe vocabulary words. Many communication programs rely heavily on fringe words that only work in one or two settings, which really slows down communication and takes significantly more preparation by staff members.  Participants will learn strategies to work on language more slowly so that it is not overwhelming to the paraprofessional or the teacher- which in turn makes it a lot easier for the child.  It is very hands on, and we will develop a lot of materials during the training, based on typical classroom lessons and activities, that participants may take to use with their students.


CLASS DATE:      October 27, 2017

CLASS START AND END TIMES:   9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. with one hour lunch

LOCATION:        Homer PD Room (Homer Middle School)

TRAVEL AUTHORIZED:   Mileage only, lunch on your own.


STIPEND:            N/A

MEALS PROVIDED:          Breakfast snacks only.

CONTACT PERSON/PHONE/EMAIL:         Clayton Holland, 714-8881,

DEPARTMENT SECRETARY:          Kathy Mize, 714-8894,

REGISTRATION DEADLINE:          October 25, 2017