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Q4 Blended - Disruptive Innovation

Ended May 18, 2018
1 credit

Full course description

Q4 Blended - Disruptive Innovation

March 19th – Ends May 18th

Course is offered on-site, blended, asynchronous - location depends on method of participation selected by student

1 credit offered by UAA at participants expense $74.00

*If auditing course there is no cost to participant

Open to Administrators and Teachers

No stipend or per diem offered

This course explores how Blended Learning has the power to reinvent education.  It gives research based examples and resources for educators demonstrating the advantages a blended model has over traditional instruction.  Readers will find: 1) Breakdowns of the most effective classroom setups for blended learning, 2) Tips for leaders, 3) Ideas for personalizing and differentiating instruction using technology, 4) Strategies for managing devices in classrooms and schools, and 5) Questions to facilitate professional development and deeper learning.